God’s Grand Design

Would’t it be beneficial if God could show us a blue print for our lives?  I almost said- wouldn’t it be nice, but I don’t think seeing everything laid out ahead of you, the good and the bad, would be a good thing.

I’m just talking about maybe His (ok, excuse the teacher reference here) lesson plans for our lives for the week.

What would that look like?

flat lay photography of calendar
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Sunday- Kim goes to church, but is late because of a stiff back and trying to fix lunch before she leaves. She hears a good message, but is distracted by some things going on and doesn’t hear all I had to say.

Monday- car will not start, but she will run into a dear friend and will be blessed by what she has to say.

There is a side of me that thinks it would be nice to have a heads up-to know what’s coming- to know what decisions need to be made and how to make them in a way that is pleasing to Him.

But as a self-proclaimed “fixer”, if I was aware of problems that were coming I would spend all of my time trying to fix them before they ever existed.

Notice in that last sentence I used “I” or “my” 3 times?  That tells me something.  I would be focused on me and how I could handle things and not on letting God handle them and direct my path as I go.

This week I face some decisions. Good ones, but decisions nonetheless. I need to keep my eyes up and on Him and not down  on my decisions. That means not worrying about them, but spending time in prayer over them.  If my eyes are focused on me and my circumstances, there’s a good chance I might miss what God is trying to tell me.

white and blue long sleeves striped shirt
Photo by Sidharth Sircar on Pexels.com

What a comfort to know that God has already written my lesson plans for this week and has prepared for every possible situation.  I don’t have to try and figure it out.

He knows what’s coming.

He has gone before me to prepare me for whatever lies ahead. What a joy to let Him lead me and to be able to see Him work.

If I had been trying to fix things, I might have missed it.



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