Moving Mountains or Climbing Them?

I have a new favorite song.  My favorite song changes depending on the season of life I am in at the moment.  God usually gives me a song to help me along the way.  This time it is an older song that I am just now discovering.  I’m sure many have recorded it, but this version is by the Collingsworth Family and is on their new album that just released today.

Here is the link from YouTube:


The one line that sticks out to me is “I want mountains to move. You want me to climb.”

I have been so guilty of this time and time again. Asking God to remove something from my life that He has a plan to use.

I tell Him, “Ok God, I know You can do anything. I need You to move this mountain in my way right now cause its too hard and I know You wouldn’t want me to struggle, so You can just go ahead and move it whenever You are ready.”

woman walking in front of mountain peak

I’m sure He is taking a deep breath and waiting for me to realize that the mountain is not going anywhere.  He has a plan for it.  He wants me to climb the mountain in my way. He wants me to build my faith by letting me work through some things instead of going around them or having them removed from my life.

There are many times I can look back at mountains I’ve climbed (spiritually speaking- I get out of breath climbing an anthill) and sometimes God allows me to see the reason behind the time of struggle and mountain climbing.

But some times He doesn’t.  Sometimes I get to the top of the mountain and say, “Ok, God, I made it to the top. Now You can tell my why I’m here.”  And He is silent.

photography of person on green mountain
Photo by mirsad mujanovic on

Sometimes God speaks loudest in the silence.

I have had to learn that I may not always know the why, but God does.

That’s enough for me.




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