It’s Been Awhile…..

I set out on this journey with the mindset that I would not let this become a diary of sorts.  I wanted this to be a place where I shared what God was doing or speaking into my life that I felt would benefit those who read it.  (Trying to stick to Ephesians 4:29 here…)

The reason that I have not posted in a while is not that God has not been working in my life.  The honest truth is that it is one of those times where He is working, but I don’t like it.


It’s not fun.

There are no warm fuzzies to share and make you feel all good inside.

Life has been good, but not easy.

I know by this point some are thinking, or maybe even saying out loud, “So what’s been happening?”

Well, honestly, that is between me and God.  My bet is that someone just thought to themselves, so why are you writing this?

My firm belief is that God can teach us just as much and probably more during the hard times of our lives.  Not the kind of hard times that end up like the end of a Hallmark movie.

But the hard times that when you are going through them they are just kind of messy.

muddy kid

A yucky, not good feeling that leaves me asking God, “Ok when are we going to get through this?”

I hope one day, the other side of Heaven, to better understand God’s timing.

There has been more than one occasion lately that I felt I had moved out of the “yucky” time.  Finally, I would think, the weight is lifted. I am able to move past this and move on.  Until I was thrust back under another wave of heaviness.

The song with the line, “What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger” just popped into my head.

Wonder who did that?(insert smirk on face here)

God is so good.  He loves me despite myself.  He loves me enough to have me go through the yuck to come out the other side, hopefully, a little closer to what He wants me to become.


If you are going through a yucky time in your life, hang in there my friend.

God has a plan.  Even for a time such as this.

So cling to Him and He will see you through.

He promises.

heb13 5

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