Thanks for giving …

There are so many reasons to give thanks. As I scrolled through Facebook this morning, I saw my own generic “Happy Thanksgiving ” along with so many others similar greetings. I’m sure all were as heartfelt as mine was.

Then I looked at the word Thanksgiving.



Thanks for giving….

Then I began to ponder….

Am I really thankful, or do I complain about what I don’t have?

Am I really thankful, or do I look at others lives with envy?

Am I really thankful, or am I more focused on my shortcomings than on the gifts God gave me?

Do I assume that I’ll have tomorrow and forget to be thankful for today?

Even after the loss of my mom, do I still live like I’ll have my family and friends tomorrow to tell them how thankful I am for them?

Do I take my salvation for granted and forget the price that was paid for me?

Dear Precious Father, help me to be truly thankful today for every one and every thing you have blessed me with in my life.

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