A drop of water

Who would have thought that I could hear from God while I brushed my teeth before bed?

closeup on young woman brushing teeth

Sometimes it’s the little things  that make the most impact.

As I brushed my teeth, I looked down in the sink and saw a small piece of straw from who knows where in the sink.  I tried to kind of splash it away down the sink.  When I did, I noticed that it got caught in a drop of water.


At that point I could no longer splash it away by itself.  It was so attached to the water droplet that it  could only be moved if the droplet moved.

To accomplish that, it took more water.


Ok, you are saying how in the world can a piece of straw and a drop of water teach a lesson?

Here’s what God reminded me of that night.

When we are stuck in a situation, sometimes it is hard see a way out of it.  It may feel like there is no solution or way to change what we are experiencing. I know for me, my first reaction is to try to change it myself.  I will rack my brain to try to come up with a way or a plan to make happen what I want to happen, or what I think needs to happen.

That is when, on more than one occasion, I tend to cement my feet to the floor.  But in doing this I am limited in my movement.  It also seems that when I do this, God is orchestrating it to where nothing I do or try seems to get the desired result.

Then when I am at the end of my rope from trying to figure it out on my own….


Along comes God.

Like the water droplet in the bathroom sink, He comes along, attaches Himself to me (or so it seems.  He’s been there all along) and moves me in the direction He has for me to go.  I have to let go,  un-cement my feet and be willing to be moved.  Once I allow God to pick me up, it is so much easier to be moved.

It is also hard to remove the straw from the water droplet once it becomes attached.  Even if you do separate it, the straw is wet from being attached to the water.

And if the straw stays attached to the water for a long time, it becomes soft and pliable as it soaks in the water.

So it is with God.  The more time we spend attached to him, being surrounded by His presence, the more we look like or feel like Him.  We get wet with His presence.  The longer we stay in His presence, the easier it is for Him to mold us and take us where He has for us to go.

I pray I get good and wet with His presence.



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