Holy Spirit in Me

Proverbs 4:23,” Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it.” (NIV)

As I was reading my Jesus Always this morning, a particular sentence stood out to me.

“Since you belong to Me, My own Life flows through you!”

This is like one of those things that you’ve heard preached all your life, but then one day, it hits home with your heart.

That was me this morning.

As I thought about my day, my family, my struggles, it was if God leaned down and whispered in my ear,” Don’t forget, you have My Power flowing through you.  I’ve got you.  Let me be what comes out of you today.”

Wow. Just wow.  What more can I add?  Let God be what comes out of you today.

time lapse photography of lake
Photo by Rachel Baskin Photography on Pexels.com


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