That’s enough, God!

In the past 2 weeks, I have an uncle, an aunt and a cousin who have all passed away; two of them today.

This leads me to plead, “That’s enough, God!  No more!”

that's enough.pngThen, as usual, God calms my wounded spirit and reminds me where they all are right now.

My uncle is once again with his wife, parents and other loved ones and friends who have gone before worshipping their Lord and Savior in His very presence.

My aunt is once again with her husband, parents, siblings and loved ones who were waiting for her to join them as they worship Jesus face to face.

A cousin, who on this earth, lived with a devastating condition, is now running, jumping, and singing praises to her Savior!

This makes me rethink my initial statement.


I was wrong.


its never enough


It’s never enough until all my family is worshiping God face to face.

It’s never enough until every one has heard of His gift of salvation.

It’s never enough until God calls me home.


The pain of losing someone is bearable knowing that I will see them all again.

precious in the sight


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